DermLite Repairs

Delasco offers a full service Dermlite repair center with manufacturer trained repair technicians.


  • All parts and labor are covered for repairs under warranty.
  • Delasco charges a $65.00 service fee for all cleanings, dropped units, and other non-warranty repairs.
  • Replacement parts are not included in the service fee.
  • Standard Ground shipping charges will be added to all domestic shipments. Air delivery services are available upon request at actual freight charges.

Terms & Conditions

Delasco's full service Dermlite repair center will contact you with the cost of parts before proceeding if the repair charges exceed $65.00.

If for any reason repairs are refused, you will still be responsible for shipping charges to return the unit to you. Delasco will provide an estimate but will not make any repairs until the estimate has been approved.

Most repairs can be made at Delasco, however, some do require evaluation by the manufacturer. We will contact you with cost estimates and options before any action is taken.

Prepayment is required from all new accounts or medical supply companies before repairs will be made.

Contact Delasco at 833-907-1791 or for more information.