Aplisol PPD Tuberculin Injection MDV, 1 ml vial

Item: 1105199
Manufacturer: Par Pharmaceutical
Tuberculin PPD, diluted 5 TU/ 0.1 ml, 1 ml vial. 10 tests per vial *Currently Unavailable*... more details

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Aplisol (tuberculin PPD, diluted) is a sterile aqueous solution of a purified protein fraction for intradermal administration as an aid in the diagnosis of tuberculosis. The solution is stabilized with polysorbate (Tween) 80, buffered with potassium and sodium phosphates and contains approximately 0.25% phenol as a preservative. This product is ready for immediate use without further dilution 5 TU/ 0.1 ml - 1 mL multiple-dose vial. 10 tests per vial.
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