Instrument Care Guide



See recommended Reprocessing Instructions for Medical Instruments OR follow the steps below.

Steps to Proper Care and Cleaning 


To prevent blood, body fluids or tissue from drying on the instrument which will cause stains during sterilization. Shop Instrument Care cleaning products:

Miltex EZ-ZYME

Empower Foam Enzymatic Spray

Empower Dual Enzymatic Detergent

Metriwash Detergent Concentrate

Nylon Cleaning Brush

Stainless Steel Brush

Clean & Simple Ultrasonic Cleaner


The instruments prior to cleaning/sterilization to significantly reduce the risk or contamination of personnel. Shop Instrument Care disinfecting products:

Metricide OPA Plus Solution

Test Strips, Metricide OPA Solution


Rust and scale as needed after disinfecting and before sterilizing to extend the life of the instrument. Shop Instrument Care removing products:

Metrishine Rust Remover & Descaler


All joints before sterilization with lubricant to extend the life of your instruments. Shop Instrument Care lubricating products:

Delasco Instrument Spray Lubricant



Steps to Proper Sterilization


Instruments in a sterilization pouch or CSR wrap. Shop pack sterilization products:

Duo-Check Sterilization Pouch

SPS Medical CSR Wrap


Proper sterilization with pass fail results indicators. Shop verify sterilization products:

Class 5 Steam Integrator

Crosstex Steam Indicator Tape

All-in-One Pack & Verify

Sure-Check Pouch


Tuttnauer Valueklave Steam Sterilizer


To ensure your autoclave is working properly. Shop monitor sterilization products:

SporView Steam Sterilizer Monitoring in Office

SPSmedical PassPort Sterilizer Monitoring by Mail


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