Sure-Check™ Sterilization Pouch

Triple your confidence with Sure-Check® sterilization pouches with multi-parameter internal/external indicators.... more details
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Sterilization pouches with multi-parameter internal/external indicators.  

  • Changes color when all 3 criteria for sterilization have been met
  • Eliminates the extra step of adding a separate integrator
  • Extra wide chevron to protect against instrument breaching
  • Self sealing

CDC infection control guidelines make it clear: to ensure effective sterilization, items must be exposed to all 3 sterilization criteria: time, temperature and pressure (steam). 

Meets CDC Guidelines for Disinfection and Sterilization in Healthcare Facilities, 2008.

Meets ANSI/AAMI ST79 Comprehensive Guide to Steam Sterilization and Assurance in Health Care Facilities.

Tested and certified using ISO/AAMI compliant resistometer.

ta-Heat Sensitive No
ta-Medical License Required No
ta-UOM 200/BOX