Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing Cassettes Medical License Required

Conventional ear piercing instruments always come in contact with the customer's ear and therefore need to be steri... more details
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Conventional ear piercing instruments always come in contact with the customer's ear and therefore need to be sterilized after each ear is pierced. The Blomdahl system uses sterile disposable cassettes to house the earring - the instrument never comes in contact with the ear!

With the ear stud and butterfly preloaded in the sterile cassette, the ear-piercing will always be positioned correctly. You avoid fumbling with it and can instead concentrate entirely on aiming accurately and putting the customer at ease. Just, load and fire! Once the piercing is complete, seal the used cassette with the safety cover, lift the cassette off and throw it away.

The Medical Plastic earrings (including backs) are made from medical grade plastic which contains 0% nickel and 0% latex. The studs are a crystal style (giving the look of a diamond), lightweight, with the head of the stud rounded off in the back to ensure maximum air circulation. All surfaces of the earring are thoroughly polished to make them as smooth as possible. Also available in a daisy design.

Titanium ear piercing cassettes are also available and are nickel-free and hypo-allergenic, as medical grade titanium contains no alloy or nickel additives. Earring cassettes can only be used with the piercing gun. Titanium is the safest metal to use for any invasive medical procedure. These lightweight studs are designed to facilitate healing.

Silver titanium earrings are rhodium plated, giving them a bright white finish, like white gold or silver. Golden Titanium ear piercing earrings are plated with 24 karat gold, but only on the surfaces that are not in contact with the skin. All parts coming into direct contact with the skin are pure skin friendly titanium. Titanium is recommended for all types of skin.  Blomdahl titanium studs are available in two styles: crystal, which gives the look of a diamond; and plain, which looks like a gold ball.

Cassettes are available in Medical Plastic (crystal and daisy style), Golden Titanium, Golden Titanium Crystal (regular and tiffany settings), Silver Titanium Crystal (regular and tiffany settings), Golden Titanium Pearl and Silver Titanium Pearl.

ta-Medical License Required Yes
ta-Freezable Not Freezable
ta-Hazardous Shipping Restrictions Not Hazardous
ta-UOM 10/BOX
ta-Heat Sensitive No