Barco Demetra, dermoscopy done differently
Imagine a smarter way of doing skin examinations. That’s what Demetra is all about. Smartly enhancing your workflow. Taking dermoscopic, close-up and overview images. Providing intelligent and augmented insights. While remaining uniquely affordable, accessible and future-proof. Demetra is ingeniously designed to expand your expertise.
Work smarter and faster
Demetra is extremely intelligent, capable of supporting - and perfecting - every task in the skin examination.
Transform the way you work and have more time for your patients.
Fast and effortless screening with an all-in-one device

Dermoscopic, close-up, and overview images with the same device

Cloud-based image and data storage, lesion mapping

Evolution tracking of lesions

Structured reports for your patient records, for surgeons, referring physicians...
Enhancing your workflow
Demetra is extremely intelligent, capable of handling – and perfecting – every skin examination task. Transform the way you work and have more time for your patients.
  • Demetra combines the best of analog and digital imaging in one flexible, wireless handheld device.
  • It comes with a high-end touch display for smooth and ergonomic operation in addition to two integrated cameras for multispectral dermoscopic, close-up and clinical imaging. 
  • Demetra allows the efficient mapping of skin lesions onto a mannequin or clinical overview photograph, making documentation and follow-up smoother and smarter. 
  • Effortless and effective tracking of even the tiniest changes in skin lesions thanks to insightful and intuitive image comparison. 
  • Augment your expertise with informed insights
    The power of the Demetra platform is unlimited. We continue to develop and integrate new groundbreaking capabilities designed to support better diagnoses with the deeper insights you need to feel confident.
  • See the invisible: New capabilities include Skin Parameter Maps. These high-quality images provide a clear view of skin structures and tissue composition. Blood contrast and pigment contrast maps, for example, provide more informed insights.
  • Advanced analytics: Other unique features available soon include automated detection of dermoscopic features, and computer-aided scoring allowing lesions to be classified objectively and consistently. 
  • Affordable and accessible
    Demetra is offered as a service, which means no financial risks and no big investments. Enjoy access to all the features and functionalities you need for a simple monthly fee. The price includes access to new features, dedicated support and regular updates of both software and hardware. Unmatched in the industry!
    Always the latest technology starting at $119/month
    Demetra is a skin imaging platform. Indeed, you pay to use it and not to own it.
    This means that every new software update is carried out automatically and free of charge.
    You therefore benefit from the latest technology anywhere at any time.
    Demetra Essential
    Recommended for individual practices (or one per location)
    Demetra Scope (incl. hardware upgrades)
    2000 new dermoscopic images added per year
    Unlimited users
    Image localization, diagnosis & management strategy
    Patient management
    Image Comparison
    Standard reports
    DemetraCare service & support
    1 year subscription - $1,788/year
    2 year subscription - $1,428/year
    *$119/month BEST VALUE!
    *Subscriptions are billed annually and payment is due at checkout. Monthly rates are shown for comparison only.