Instrument Repairs

Delasco offers an in-house full service sharpening and repair department. Basic service includes sharpening as well as minor refinishing and minor realignment, if needed.

To receive discounted and even complimentary instrument repair and sharpening, learn more about our Delasco Preferred Program


Scissors 3 1/2″-5 1/2″ sharpen $7.00
Scissors 6″-10″ sharpen $7.50
Replacement screw (additional) $5.00
All Supercut & Carbide scissors $10.00
All microscissors $10.00
Dermal curettes sharpen (Fox, Piffard, Heath, etc.) $6.00
Keyes punches sharpen $6.50
Realignment of forceps Depending on severity $8.00
Major surface re-finishing (additional) $3.00
Major realignment of scissors $5.00
Repairs on needle holders & hemostats Need visual assessment of damage for an estimate
New Tungsten Carbide inserts for standard needle holders (allow 3-4 weeks) $55.00
New Tungsten Carbide inserts for specialty needle holders (Castroviejo, Olsen-Hegar) (allow 3-4 weeks) $65.00

Terms & Conditions

All sharpening and repair orders receive the highest priority. Orders received by 10:00 AM are shipped out the same day, barring any difficulties. Actual ground service charges for domestic orders will be added. Air services are available at actual freight charges.

Please include a packing list with all the instruments listed as well as your return shipping instructions (i.e. Next Day Air). Orders received without shipping instruction will be shipped via ground service.

To ensure safe delivery of your instruments, please pack them adequately in a box with appropriate packing material, i.e. bubble wrap, peanuts, or paper. Delasco cannot repair damage caused by inadequate packing. Most instruments are beyond repair if damaged in shipping. All surgical instruments must be sterilized and arrive at Delasco in an sealed sterilization pouch with indication of a CDC-approved method of sterilization.

Please address the return:

608 13th Avenue
Council Bluffs, IA 51501

To ensure the fastest possible service, please either complete the form below or call Delasco to receive a Returns Authorization # and, if possible, fax a copy of the packing list to Instrument Repair at 800-320-9612 before shipping the instruments.