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Item: 33510
Manufacturer: Miltex
Includes unit with standard 1 mm tip, one cartridge (23.5 g N₂0), metal pin, user manual and plastic case... More Details

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Item is not stocked. May take 1-2 weeks to ship.
Hazardous, Ship By Ground Only. Additional shipping charges may apply.

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Miltex CryoSolutions is an innovative yet simple device for delivery of high performance liquefied Nitrous Oxide which allows the clinician to pinpoint the treatment site for rapid freezing and efficacious destruction of unwanted tissue.

  • Rapid freezing (-127 °F) in a lightweight, self-contained instrument
  • Variety of tip sizes and lengths for a number of treatment options
  • A unique cryosurgical device which reduces treatment time and patient discomfort
  • CryoSolutions is a convenient, in-office treatment utilizing the recognized cryogenic advantage of Liquefied Nitrous Oxide (not a chemical agent). This treatment is appropriate for either benign or malignant lesions due to the effectively low and destructive temperature delivered to the treatment site.
  • CryoSolutions does not require anesthetic as part of the treatment.
  • CryoSolutions produces the expected necrotic tissue outcome with a brief application which should be allowed to slough off naturally. Prolonged application time could cause blistering.

Technical Information
CryoSolutions does not necessitate repeated freeze-thaw cycles since the extreme cold of the liquefied nitrous oxide is delivered directly onto the treatment site. Difficult lesions, such a Plantar Warts, may require more than a single application.

An "average" application time of 6 seconds for a single lesion would provide approximately 5 treatments per cartridge - an economical patient care product.

Eye shields as well as cotton balls in the ear are recommended when facial treatment s considered.

Always place the dispensing tip perpendicular to and directly on the skin surface and area of treatment.

Complete Set includes one unit with one standard 1 mm wide tip, one cartridge (23.5 g N
O), a metal pin (which acts as a fulcrum to insert cartridge), a user manual and a plastic case.

Freezable Not Freezable
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Hazardous Shipping Restrictions Hazardous, Ship By Ground Only
Manufacturer Item Number 33510
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