Optional DermLite Leather Belt Pouch for Original DermLite and Replacement Leather Belt Pouch for DermLite Platinum and DermLite Alumina

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Manufacturer: 3Gen
The DermLite is the extremely versatile, compact, pocket epiluminescence microscope. The DermLite features white LE... More Details
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More Details
The DermLite is the extremely versatile, compact, pocket epiluminescence microscope. The DermLite features white LED technology, a 1x Hastings Triplet lens and cross-polarization for quick and easy first-line examinations.
Infinite Range
The versatile DermLite (3Gen model DL1) has a multitude of applications. Viewing pigmented lesions, varicose veins, hair transplants, skin irritations, or skin lesions is just the beginning. Together with the DermLite's compact size and lightweight design (only 3.5 oz/99 g), the possibilities are virtually infinite. DermLite is a truly revolutionary product with superb optics, cutting-edge design, and real portability.
The DermLite incorporates cross-polarization filters that reduce reflection of light from the surface of the skin and permits visualization of the deeper structures. The light from the white Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), is polarized linearly by a special filter and the image being viewed through the magnifying lens is also linearly polarized so as to cancel out the reflected light from the surface of the skin. This mode is called Cross-Polarized ELM and has been extensively studied for the imaging of pigmented lesions for the early detection of melanoma.
How does Cross-Polarization work? The LED light is linearly polarized before hitting the skin. The reflected light from the surface is cancelled out by a second filter (which is aligned at 9 degrees to the first) using a technique called cross-polarization. The viewer will have a clearer, deeper view.
A Real Powerhouse
And to make sure you will not run out of power, the DermLite's endurance measures over 12 lesion examinations* - all on a single battery - thanks to its diode lighting technology and long-life lithium power.
  • LEDs: 8 White lasting 1, hours (1 years of continuous use)
  • Polarization: Cross
  • Optics: 15 mm 1X, No Markings
  • Battery: Disposable 6V (approx 12 views)
  • Camera & Mobile Device Compatible: No
  • Compact Portable Design
Includes: DermLite unit and one 6V lithium battery. Five year warranty. CE Marked.
*(based on a 3 sec/lesion)
Freezable Not Freezable
CE Marked No
Heat Sensitive No
Country of Origin United States
Hazardous Shipping Restrictions Not Hazardous
Perishable No
Refrigeration Required No
Latex Free Yes

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