Aluminum Chloride 20% in Ethanol

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Manufacturer: Delasco
Available in 1 oz (30 ml), 2 oz (60 ml), 8 oz, or 1 pint (16 oz or 480 ml) bottles.... More Details

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The solubility of aluminum chloride in anhydrous alcohol is limited to about 20%. The solubility in an aqueous solution is about 70%. Solubility in hydro-alcoholic solutions ranges in between depending on the ratio of water and alcohol.

Available in 1 oz (30 ml), 2 oz (60 ml), 4oz, 8 oz, or 1 pint (16 oz or 480 ml) bottles.

Cautionary: Solutions in alcohol are flammable. Do not use solutions in alcohol near sparks or other heat sources such as thermocautery or electrosurgical units.

For information on the treatment of Axillary Hyperhidrosis, read the article titled Treatment of Hyperhidrosis by Lewis Stolman, MD. (Dermatol Clin. 1998 Oct;16(4):863-9)

  • AC/20 - 20% AC (hexahydrate) Concentration - Anhydrous Alcohol Solution
  • AC/35 - 35% AC (hexahydrate) Concentration - Purified Water Solution
  • AC/35/70 - 35% AC (hexahydrate) Concentration - 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Solution
  • AC/50 - 50% AC (hexahydrate) Concentration - 50% Isopropyl Alcohol Solution
  • AC/70 - 70% AC (hexahydrate) Concentration - Purified Water Solution


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Hazardous Shipping Restrictions Hazardous If Shipped By Air