The Secrets to Revitalizing Winter Skin

The Secrets to Revitalizing Winter Skin

Posted by Delasco on January 9, 2024, 2:58 pm

Learn the secrets to treating winter skin

In this blog you will...

  • Discover three enemies of skin in the winter
  • Identify treatments to treat harsh conditions of winter on the skin
  • Empower your clients by educating them on healing at home regimens

When winter arrives, as skincare professionals, it's time to prepare our clients for the seasonal shift. The transition from fall to winter brings not only a change in the weather but also a host of challenges for the skin. Understanding these nuances is key to providing effective care and maintaining a radiant complexion throughout the colder months.

Winter Skin Enemies

Dehydration: With the onset of winter, the drop in temperature is often accompanied by a decrease in humidity. The result? Dehydrated skin. Patients may notice their skin becoming flaky, dull, and lacking the vitality seen during the warmer seasons.

Windburn and Sensitivity: Harsh winter winds strip the skin of its natural oils, leaving it vulnerable to redness, irritation, and the notorious "windburn." The compromised skin barrier can heighten sensitivity and discomfort.

Exacerbation of Skin Conditions: Individuals with pre-existing skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis may experience worsening symptoms during winter. The cold, dry air can trigger flare-ups, adding another layer of complexity to skincare routines.

Winter Skin Saviors: The Power of Chemical Peels

Winter is one of the best times to use chemical peels on the skin. Here's why:

Superior Exfoliation: Winter often leads to a buildup of dead skin cells. Chemical peels are potent exfoliators that effectively remove the dull, dry outer layer, with less irritation than physical exfoliators containing abrasive grit. Glycolic acid has a smaller molecule that allows it to penetrate through rough skin and effectively dissolve the “glue” that holds dead skin cells together.

Delasco and Skin Therapeutic Peels offer  Glycolic acid in multiple strengths so you can customize treatments to fit your patient’s skin type and condition.

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	<strong>Hydration Enhancement:</strong> Winter conditions cause rapid loss of water within the skin and it’s critical to treat skin in ways that enhance its ability to retain moisture.  Lactic Acid is a natural humectant that attracts moisture and is an exceptional option for peels in the winter. Lactic acid bonds with moisture from within the skin and with products applied to the skin after a peel which helps skin stay healthy and glowing.</p><p>
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Lactic acid peels are available in both Delasco and Skin Therapeutic brands in multiple strengths.


Reverse Signs of Aging and Photodamage: Dry winter conditions cause fine lines and wrinkles and sun damage to become more visible. Chemical peels have a proven track record of reducing fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and dark spots. The Jessner peel and TCA are both effective in reducing these conditions. Peels containing ingredients like hydroquinone can enhance the reduction of dark spots and sun damage.

Delasco brand peels offers many strengths of  TCA as well as Jessner and Modified Jessner.

Skin Therapeutic offers peels that include hydroquinone like its  Ultra JessnerGlyco-Bright and Lacti-Bright.

Delasco and skin therapeutic peels that include hydroquinone”></p><h2>Winter Skincare Super Heros</h2><p>
	Once dead skin cells are removed, hydration and moisturizing products have a clear pathway to penetrate deeper and nourish fresh, radiant skin beneath.  Winter conditions demand a robust skin barrier.</p><p>
	<strong>Natural Oil Based Hydration</strong>: Not all oils are created equal. Synthetic oils may soothe skin initially but clog pores with continued use. Two noncomedogenic natural oils are Squalane and Argan Oil. Plant based Squalane is a super moisturizer that can be used alone or add to other moisturizers. We recommend combining it with Hyaluronic acid which is known for it’s ability to hold 1000 times it’s weight in water. The oil-based hydration of Squalane absorbs easiliy in the skin and doesn’t evaporate like water. Hyaluronic attracts and holds on to water in the skin helping to decrease water evaporation. Squalene and Hyaluronic are a true dynamic duo essential for winter.</p><p>
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Skin Therapeutic Hydracell Turnover Booster is 100% plant based Squalane. In addition to being a super moisturizer, it’s shown to increase cellular turnover by 34%.


Argan Oil is another super moisturizer. It’s combines antioxidants with unsaturated fatty acids that nourish and protect skin against free radicals, preserve skin elasticity, and can reduce inflammation. Argan Oil can be used on its own or a few drops can be added to other skincare products. Another benefit of Argan Oil is it can be used on hair and nails as well as skin.

Skin Therapeutic Argan Oil is twice certified organic and is cold pressed. Cold pressing ensures molecules remain in their purest form while being processed.


Rich Moisturizers: Thick, rich moisturizers are a must in winter. More substantial moisturizers help keep moisture from evaporating within the skin.

Skin Therapeutic Radiance Crème uses powerful ingredients that work as a moisture seal on the skin. Apply this as your last step in your skincare regimen. It absorbs efficiently in the skin allowing makeup to be applied on top of it. These ingredients lock in moisture, providing a much-needed shield against winter dryness.


Gentle Cleansers: Opt for mild, hydrating cleansers that cleanse without stripping the skin of its essential oils, promoting a balanced complexion. 

Skin Therapeutic Gentle Cleansing Gel is rich in botanicals, contains no harsh cleansing ingredients and is perfect for dry/sensitive skin.


SPF is still important: While UV rays are lower in winter, remind clients they are stil present even in winter. UV rays reflecting off snow are much more powerful than when snow is not present and is more harsh on the skin. Sun protection is a year-round commitment and crucial for preventing skin damage. 

Skin Therapeutic SPF 30 Tinted Moisturizer protects skin from UV rays and provides a light tint that evens skin tone.


Empowering Clients for Glowing Success

As skincare professionals, our role extends beyond treatment—it's about educating and empowering clients to navigate seasonal changes.

Share insights about the impact of winter on the skin and guide them in incorporating chemical peels into their skincare routine. Consistency, adherence to post-peel care instructions, and at home regimens are the keys to unlocking optimal results.

If you have questions about Delasco chemicals, Skin Therapeutic chemical peels, or professional chemical peel products? Our experts are here to help: (833) 907-1791