Burton Woods Lamp (no magnifier), Handheld, 2 UV bulbs

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Item: 31501

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For a wide variety of diagnostic applications, the Burton Ultraviolet Lights offer the best design, features and benefits.

31501 includes: 2 UV bulbs
31602 includes: 2 UV bulbs with 2.25X magnifier
31603 includes: 2 UV bulbs and 2 white bulbs with 2.25X magnifier

Benefits Include:
Special fluorescent bulbs produce UV-A at approximately 360nm wavelength, not harmful to eyes or skin.
316 models include an optically ground 2.25X magnifier lens with a focal length of 8"
Magnifier models include optically ground and polished lens with 3 power magnification and focal length of 8"
6,000 average hour bulb life
Assembled in the USA
5-year manufacturer warranty
Common Diagnostic Applications:
Corneal scratches
Foreign bodies in eye
Blocked tear ducts
Contact lens placement
Fungus infections
Tinea versicolor
Microsporum Canis
Criminology (for Emergency Rooms)

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