Email Marketing Manager


Email Marketing Manager

Hybrid / Plano, TX

Department:   Marketing

Reports To: Director of Ecommerce and Digital Marketing          

FLSA Status:   Exempt

Hours:  Full-Time

Location:  Hybrid / Plano, TX

Our Values
Curiosity · Determination · Discipline · Teamwork


Position Overview

The Email Marketing Manager will champion the development of email and SMS marketing programs which will drive sales goals and customer engagement. This position will spearhead the strategy, execution, and implementation of digital promotions and communication via email and SMS using best practices, creative marketing, A/B testing, data & analytics. Working collaboratively with sales and marketing leaders, the manager will develop and implement tailored content and marketing initiatives, such as segmented marketing, lifecycle automations, lead generation & funnel conversion. The Email Marketing Manager will monitor and ensure data compliance while leading the email and SMS campaigns process including list management, segmentation, graphic design and copywriting, tracking, deployment, and measurement.


Key Responsibilities:

1.  Email & SMS marketing program development:  Develops end-to-end production and deployment of emails and SMS messages. Including planning, targeting, segmentation, setup up, HTML coding, rendering testing, deployment and campaign reporting using Klayvio. Manage email calendar to ensure campaigns are tested, approved, and scheduled in a timely manner. Create and design all email and SMS communication according to best practices and optimized for mobile, desktop, etc. including graphic design & copywriting for all ecommerce email & SMS marketing. 


2.  Manage and develop e-commerce trigger programs:  Optimizes all e-commerce trigger programs and builds out new programs in Klayvio to support customer lifecycle management, lead generation and conversion. Create and design all email and SMS communication according to best practices and optimized for mobile, desktop, etc.


3.  Grow email & SMS database while developing customer segmentation: Develop ways to grow email and SMS database for customers & prospects while maintaining legal compliance. Work with 3rd parties if necessary to gain email & SMS site penetration. Once acquired, monitor and measure customer segmentation to stay in line with best practices and benchmarks as well as optimizing sales and customer engagement. 


4.  Planning & Performance Monitoring:  Track and report performance of all email and SMS campaigns to analyze findings, identify trends and recommend a course of action. Develop testing plans for email creative, segmentation, subject lines, date/time, format, set. Develops and reviews web analytics, web platform analytics, email and CRM analytics to report out on digital marketing channel results through email and SMS while recommending optimized performance.


5.  Digital Marketing sales support:  Collaborates with sales leadership to develop sequences for sales team to utilize in customer lifecycle and engagement strategies. CRM sequences to include email, SMS and social media messaging that help drive revenue growth.


Core Competencies:

Accountability – Accepts responsibility for quality and timeliness of his/her work and believes that the results achieved are the direct outcome of his/her decisions and actions.  Doesn’t engage in behaviors and decisions for self-protection purposes.  Maturely acknowledges and corrects mistakes and does not make excuses for errors or problems.


Analytical - Synthesizes complex or diverse information.  Collects and researches data.  Uses intuition and experience to complement data. Designs workflows and procedures.


Business Acumen - Understands business implications of decisions.  Displays orientation to profitability. Demonstrates knowledge of market and competition. Aligns work with strategic goals.


Collaboration – Works with the marketing and sales team to coordinate best practices that will drive revenue growth.


Efficiency – Able to produce significant output with minimal wasted effort.


Integrity - The individual possesses high ethical standards and expects the same from all others in the organization. Presents unpleasant and disagreeable facts in an appropriate way.  Keeps promises and provides complete and accurate information to others. Trusted by all.


Organization and Planning – Plans, organizes, schedules, and budgets in an efficient and productive matter.  Focuses on key priorities.


Persuasiveness – Makes favorable impression by interacting with customers/business partners in a manner that builds effective relationships. Uses appropriate techniques to move others to actions or to agreement.


Tenacity – Works to achieve goal despite barriers or difficulties; actively works to overcome obstacles by changing strategies.  Adjusts focus when it becomes obvious that a goal cannot be achieved; redirects energy into related achievable goals.


Education & Experience

·  Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, finance, sales, entrepreneurship, or related field of study. 

·  5+ years of experience in digital marketing, e-commerce, user-experience, and Google Analytics (preferably in healthcare or cosmetic marketing)

·  3+ years of Experience with enterprise CRM/ Email Marketing/ Database/ ESP platforms in an operational/executional capacity (preferably Klayvio) 

·  3+ years of design and coding experience, graphic design & copywriting for emails and SMS messaging


A Little About Delasco… 
Delasco started in 1980 by a dermatologist for dermatologists and has been creating solutions for over 30 years. With customers from over 81 countries around the world, Delasco is a trusted expert to healthcare providers. We manufacture and distribute specialty dermatology products, instruments and equipment. Our in-house chemicals are used for continuing education and preferred by industry-leading dermatologists and plastic surgeons.  
Delasco is growing company that offers a great team oriented and collaborative culture, in addition to our competitive pay.  Delasco is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
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