DemeTECH Plain Gut, 6-0, 18", DPC-1 Absorbable Suture, Precision Point Reverse Cutting, Beige 12/Box

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Item: 1916D
Manufacturer: DemeTECH
DemeTECH Plain Gut, 6-0, 18", DPC-1 Absorbable Suture, Precision Point Reverse Cutting, Beige 12/Box... More Details

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DemeTECH DemeGUT PLAIN, Plain Catgut Suture, Absorbable, DPC-1, 13mm, 3/8 Circle, Precision Cosmetic Standard Prime Needle, Beige, USP Size 6-0, 18 inches, (45cm) | CP136013F11M

About DemeGUT PLAIN Suture

DemeTECH's Plain Catgut (CP) suture is a monofilament, sterile, absorbable surgical suture carefully crafted from highly purified connective tissue, primarily collagen, sourced from either the serosal layer of Beed (bovine) or the submucosal fibrous layer of sheep (ovine) intestines. Its rapid absorption rate ensures it induces only minimal tissue reaction. The suture's quality is frequently influenced by its collagen content, with higher percentages contributing to superior tensile strength, extended absorption times, and reduced in vivo reactions. 

Characteristics of DemeTECH’s Plain Catgut Sutures 

  • Plain Catgut, is composed of pure collagen. 
  • DemeTECH’s Plain Catgut is ideal for tissues which heal rapidly and require minimal support. 

Natural Plain Catgut sutures: 

  • Rapid tissue healing with minimal support 
  • Smooth surface assures easy knot throws. 
  • Excellent knot strength. 
  • Fast and consistent absorption profile. 
  • USP Range - 6-0 to 2. 
  • Sterile Gamma Radiation.
Freezable Not Freezable
CE Marked No
Heat Sensitive No
Country of Origin United States
Hazardous Shipping Restrictions Not Hazardous
Manufacturer Item Number CP136013F11M
Perishable No
Suture Absorbable Yes
Refrigeration Required No
Suture Color Beige
Suture Length 18"
Suture Size 6-0
Suture Type Absorbable
Suture Material Plain Gut
Needle Style DPC-1
Needle Material Stainless Steel
Needle Size 13 mm