DemeTECH Polyglycolic Acid (PGA), 2-0, 30", N/A Synthetic Absorbable Suture, Reverse Cutting, Undyed 12/Box

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Item: B945D
Manufacturer: DemeTECH
DemeTECH Polyglycolic Acid (PGA), 2-0, 30", N/A Synthetic Absorbable Suture, Reverse Cutting, Undyed 12/Box... More Details

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DemeTECH DemeSORB, Polyglycolic Acid Suture, Synthetic Absorbable, N/A, 37mm, 1/2 Circle, Reverse Cutting Needle, Colorless, USP Size 2-0, 30 inches, (75cm) | PGA272037B4P

About DemeSORB Sutures

DemeTECH's Polyglycolic Acid (PGA) suture is a synthetic absorbable, coated braided, sterile, surgical suture composed of 100% glycolide coated with a mixture of polycaprolactone and calcium stearate. The chemical formula of DemeTECH’s PGA is (C2H202) n.  Studies have shown that in two weeks, approximately 84% of DemeTECH‘s PGA initial strength remained. At four weeks, approximately 23% of DemeTECH’s PGA linear tensile strength remained. Suture has been found to be nonantigenic and elicit only mild tissue reactivity during the absorption process. 

Characteristics of DemeTECH’s PGA Sutures 

  • Polyglycolic Acid, is composed of homopolymers of glycolide acids. 
  • DemeTECH’s PGA is coated to allow for easier passage through tissues with only minimal drag. 

Coated PGA sutures: 

  • Easy tissue passage 
  • Precise knot placement 
  • Smooth tie down 
  • A decreased tendency to irritate tissue 
  • Tensile strength comply USP and EP requirements 
  • USP Range - 8-0 to 2. 
  • Sterile Ethylene Oxide.
Freezable Not Freezable
Heat Sensitive No
CE Marked No
Hazardous Shipping Restrictions Not Hazardous
Manufacturer Item Number PGA272037B4P
Country of Origin United States
Perishable No
Suture Absorbable Yes
Refrigeration Required No
Suture Color Undyed
Suture Length 30"
Suture Size 2-0
Suture Type Absorbable
Suture Material Polyglycolic Acid
Needle Style N/A
Needle Material Stainless Steel
Needle Size 37 mm