Ferric Chloride 3.8 Molar

Manufacturer: Delasco
61.6% w/v ferric chloride anhydrous.... more details
$14.00 - $21.00

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For comparison purposes, the weight/volume percentage of each is approximately: 3.8 molal 37.5% w/v ferric chloride anhydrous and 3.8 Molar 61.6% w/v ferric chloride anhydrous. If ferric chloride spills on clothing, and ordinary washing does not remove it, Delasco Iron Stain Remover will remove it safely from most materials. Solution in purified water.Reduced risk of tattooing compared to Monsel's.
ta-Hazardous Shipping Restrictions Hazardous If Shipped By Air
ta-CE Marked No
ta-Country of Origin United States
ta-Refrigeration Required No
ta-Medical License Required Yes