SporView™ Steam Sterilizer Monitoring in Office Starter

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Item: CROSK-115

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An in-office biological indicator (BI) system certified for use with all steam sterilization cycles.

This system gives clear, easy to interpret results for monitoring the effectiveness of the sterilization process.

Biological indicator results are known after 24 hours incubation in any compatible dry block incubator operating at 55°-60°C.

Accessories include: a 55-60°C dry block incubator that comes with built-in vial crusher and 15 wells.

The Steam Sterilizer Monitoring Starter Kit provides everything needed for effective monitoring of steam table top sterilizers. Each starter kit comes with SporView® Self-Contained Steam Biological Indicators (CROSCS-025), STEAMPlus™ Sterilization Integrators (CROSSI-100), 3/4” Steam Indicator Tape (CROST-048), 55-60°C Dry Block Incubator and record notebook (CRORN-025).