Cica-Care Silcone Gel Sheet

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Cica-Care gel sheet is a flexible, adhesive, semi-occlusive silicone sheet for the management of hypertrophic and keloid scars. Cica-Care employs the proven benefits for silicone gel sheets in scar therapy with the additional advantages of self-adhesiveness and durability.

A patented silicone membrane that covers the top of the dressing ensures the self-adhesive is on the bottom side only, where the patient needs it. Won't stick to clothing and is easy to manage.

Can be easily washed in a mild, non-oily soap solution, rinsed in warm water and re-used. Once it becomes difficult to clean or breaks up, a new piece should be used. Average replacement time is 7-10 days. 12 cm x 15 cm. Sold as individual sheets.